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4 Tips to Keep Divorce Amicable

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Divorce is a difficult time in any person’s life, marked by change and uncertainty. But there is also a great deal of hope and opportunity, too. Unfortunately, too many people fall into the trap of focusing on the most negative aspects during a divorce: about their spouse, about the situation, and about life in general.

If you are currently in the middle of a difficult divorce, then it is important that you take the time and effort to stay away from the darkest impulses and focus on having amicable and fast proceedings in order to get onto the next stage of your life.

To that end, we’ve put together a few tips that will hopefully help you keep your divorce more amicable and help you get through it that much quicker.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

While this might seem counter-intuitive, it is vitally important that you have a divorce lawyer to represent your interests. Find a legal representative with a history of working in divorce cases who understands you desire for a painless proceeding whose council, judgement, and communication skills you can rely on if emotions should overwhelm you.

Don’t Make It A Blame Game

When you are thinking of what you will say during your proceedings, try to find a way to avoid blaming your partner for the entirety of the divorce (there are obvious exceptions if violence was involved). Once the decision to divorce has been made, laying blame serves no benefit, and can only hurt feelings and derail discussions.

Be Generous, Or At Least Fair

Trying to gain more than what is your fair share is an easy way to contribute to contention. While it is important that you are provided for, your spouse must also need to be able to take care of their own needs. Recognizing that need is an act of humanity and can go a long way.

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Keep an Open Mind About the Children

Children are often the most hotly contested issue in a divorce and can really help highlight differences in parenting philosophies. Talk to your spouse and listen to their opinion. With the help of your lawyers, try to find a happy medium between what both of you wants. This gets back to being generous.

Divorce is a tricky time. Despite how common an occurrence it is, representing a large percentage of the $239 Billion of civil lawsuit costs in the U.S., people often aren’t sure exactly how to handle the stress and emotions involved.

By following our tips and the advice of your lawyer, you can make the process possibly gentler and get on with your life.