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#1 Divorce Lawyer in Arkansas

Most people do not marry with the idea that their marriage will later end. However, divorces are quite common, and the end of a marriage can cause substantial emotional strain for everyone involved.

The dissolution process may necessitate handling multiple complex issues, which is why it is beneficial to seek the help of a divorce lawyer who is experienced in handling complicated property division, child custody, and support issues.

If you want to get a divorce or have received paperwork from your estranged spouse, the divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig L. Cook can help.

Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined legal experience and can assist people in resolving their dissolution matters as expeditiously as possible.

Jarid Kinder and Craig Cook have 40 years of workers compensation experience.
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A Divorce Lawyer’s Role in Divorce

People who are going through a divorce may experience heightened emotions that make it difficult for them to think clearly about the issues that they need to handle.

Your lawyer can help you step back from the emotional conflicts that you are experiencing so that you can view your case with a more critical eye.

During the divorce process, you need to understand how the case might impact you financially both while it is pending and after you have received your decree.

If you and your estranged spouse share children, child custody and support issues might also be an issue.

A divorce lawyer is equipped to help you understand your rights, what is in your children’s best interests, and the potential financial implications of your divorce.

They will then work to reach settlement agreements on your behalf that protect your rights. If they cannot negotiate full settlements, they will aggressively litigate the matters through the court process, including a divorce trial if necessary.

Common Divorce Issues

The laws regarding property division vary from state to state.

Both Oklahoma and Arkansas are considered to be equitable property division states, which means that your property may not be divided in half; instead, it will be divided according to what is deemed to be fair. In practice, however, the courts generally tend to divide property equally unless doing so would be inequitable.

Property division may lead to substantial litigation. Some spouses attempt to hide assets to keep their spouses from receiving their rightful shares.

Others may run up marital debts. If you have been married for a long time, determining what is marital and separate property may also be an issue. 

Our lawyers understand how to handle these and many other complex property division issues, and we will advocate for you to receive the share to which you are entitled.

In Arkansas and Oklahoma, child custody and visitation decisions are made according to what is in the best interests of the child.

The courts analyze several different factors in reaching these decisions. Our divorce lawyers can help you understand the various factors and gather the evidence that you need to support your case.

Sometimes people are happier when they can negotiate their child custody and visitation agreements instead of letting the judge decide for them.

Our divorce lawyers can work with you to negotiate agreements, or we can litigate your child custody and visitation matters in court if an agreement is inadvisable or unreachable.

People who share children should understand that both parents are expected to contribute financially to their upbringing.

This means that the parent who does not have primary residential custody of the child will normally have to pay child support to the other parent.

There are child support guidelines that courts use for guidance when issuing child support orders, but some cases may require orders of less or more than the listed amounts.

Spousal support is also an issue in some divorce cases when there is a disparity between the incomes of the spouses.

A divorce lawyer can assist you in figuring out workable plans for custody and support.

Need Help?

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The divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig L. Cook will help guide you through getting divorced.

Before you file, we recommend that you spend time organizing your financial information.

It is often much easier for people to get copies of their tax returns, account statements, debts, and other relevant documents before they file instead of trying to secure copies from their angry spouse afterward.

When you meet with our legal team, we will listen to you to learn more about your needs, the issues that you are facing, and your assets.

We will handle the paperwork involved with getting divorced and keep in regular contact with you throughout the process.

In many cases, our divorce lawyers can help clients reach full settlement agreements without engaging in protracted litigation through the court process.

In others, litigation may be necessary, and we will fight for you in court if needed.

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