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Frequently Asked Questions

The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook Fort Smith, Arkansas and Ozark, Arkansas locations have been in operation since 2006. We recently expanded to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2017 and Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2018.

We are located in Fort Smith, Ozark, and Fayetteville, Arkansas as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma. We do handle cases in the surrounding areas of these locations, but our offices are located in these towns specifically. View our location page to find the most convenient location for you.

If you believe that one of your cases falls under one of the areas that are listed above please give us a call at (479) 783-8000 and one of our experienced assistants will intake your information to have an attorney contact you as soon as possible.

There are a couple of ways to get one of our attorneys assistants on the phone. You are able to schedule your call to ensure there is no conflict in your schedule by clicking here. You are also able to give us a call during business hours at (479) 783-8000 and one of our assistants will be able to intake your information to have an attorney in contact with you as soon as possible. 

The more you have for our attorneys the better. Medical records, time stamps of actions, contracts, anything that you may have in writing that can help us understand your case would help thoroughly.

We do offer a FREE initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. 

You will not have to worry about any additional costs until after the free initial consultation where we will figure out the best way to go about fighting your case. We are working for working people and will do our best to provide payment plans and other opportunities.

We give updates via email, phone calls, and letters. We will contact you when there is something to update you on, but do not fret if you haven’t heard anything in a couple of days – these fights take time. 

We do suggest clicking over on our blog if you are wanting to learn more about different legal topics that we take cases on and how they may relate to your case. We are not able to or going to give out any specific information regarding a case that is not yours as everyone is protected by law for privacy in their matters.

You are more than welcome to view our reviews on Google and Facebook.