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A Few Basic Facts Every Employee Should Know About Arkansas Workers Compensation

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Whether you work in Arkansas or New York, it’s important to know what your rights and responsibilities are when it comes to workers compensation. That’s because workers compensation policies vary widely between states, with huge disparities in waiting periods, disability benefits, premiums, and more.

Today we’ll focus exclusively on Arkansas workers compensation claims. Because no one plans on getting seriously injured at work, here are some essential things that every employee in Arkansas should know.

What kind of benefits are provided under Arkansas workers compensation laws?

There are three types of benefits provided under Arkansas’ workers comp laws:

  • Medical care to treat the injury itself, which includes emergency care, hospital fees, lab tests, and medication.
  • Rehabilitation services for ongoing treatment, like physical therapy, are also covered.
  • In certain cases, workers are entitled to cash payments.

If the worker is disabled because of the injury, he or she may receive cash payments, also known as temporary total disability. In Arkansas, workers may receive 66 and two-thirds percent (66-2/3%) of their average weekly wage, paid every other week.

Workers compensation is paid by your employer

When your employer informs you of their workers compensation policies, you should remember that all workers comp claims come at no cost to you. The point of workers compensation is, as the term suggests, to compensate employees for wages lost during recovery from an occupational injury. That’s true whether you were injured on a dangerous construction site or inside a quiet classroom.

Reporting an injury is your responsibility

Approximately 85% of workers compensation claims are the result of employees slipping on wet floors, but no matter the cause, the only way to file a workers compensation claim is to report the injury yourself. It’s your employer’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe, but a workers compensation attorney will tell you that it’s on you to report any accidents.

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Most medical expenses will be covered

If your claim is approved, the vast majority of workers compensation policies provide coverage for “reasonably necessary” medical care needed to treat occupational injuries and illnesses. If you need more clarification in this area, it’s important to contact a workers compensation attorney.

Why do people hire workers compensation attorneys in Arkansas?

As with most types of government benefits, applying for workers compensation in Arkansas can be a notoriously complicated process. Simple mistakes, like filing the claim at the wrong time or failing to secure the right health care documentation, can lead to denied claims. Even if you do everything right, your claim can still be improperly denied. In these cases, many people hire a workers compensation law firm for legal assistance.

Your employer can choose your doctor

While it’s normal to want to see your primary physician after an occupational accident, it’s important to remember that your employer has the right to choose which doctor treats you. If this is the case, the doctor will likely be someone covered under your employer’s insurance.

Workers compensation covers part of your wages

If you need time off from work at the request of your physician for your injuries, you are entitled to a certain amount of wage compensation from your employer. The length of time required to receive this benefit may vary, but it’s certainly applicable in multiple situations.

No matter which state you reside and work in, make sure you’re aware of what rights and responsibilities you have when it comes to workers compensation policies.

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