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FAQ About Workers Compensation

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If you have been hurt on the job, you may have a lot of questions. Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions about worker’s compensation, but ultimately, the best thing you can do is to contact an attorney immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers Compensation

What is workers compensation?
Workers comp is an insurance program that provides financial compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries and health issues. Each state has its own laws regarding workers comp and functions by its own rules.

Am I covered by workers compensation?
To be covered by workers compensation you must meet two qualifications:

  • You are an employee
  • Your injury occurred as a result of employment

Different states have different rules when it comes to workers comp. Generally, you will not be covered if you sustained your injury while intoxicated or if your injury was intentional. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, contact a workers compensation attorney.

What does workers compensation cover?
It pays for medical expenses required to diagnose and treat the work-related condition. You may also receive disability payments during the time you are unable to work as a result of the injury. Depending on the policy and the nature of your injury, you may also receive funding for rehabilitation as well as other benefits.

To receive workers compensation, do I need to be injured at my workplace?
If your injury is work-related, location is irrelevant. For example, you may be injured while traveling for business or attending a work-related function. When in doubt, talk to a workers compensation lawyer about eligibility for your specific claim.

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Can I seek treatment from my own doctor or do I have to see a physician provided by my employer?
Some states allow you to see your own doctor, but usually, workers will go to a doctor recruited by their employer.

The majority of workers compensation claims (85%) are attributed to slip/fall incidents from slick floors at work, and these accidents can result in more than 31 days away from work. Other common injuries sustained on the job that lead to workers compensation claims include, but are not limited to:

  • Overexertion causing pulled muscles or joint dislocation
  • Fall from a ladder, roof, or stairs
  • Car accident
  • Crushing or mutilation by heavy machinery

Because job-related injuries are so common in some fields of work, 74% of states require all businesses to have workers compensation insurance. Please call us with your questions regarding workers compensation in AR.