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5 Tips for Staying Safe on Arkansas Roads

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According to the Arkansas State Police Report from 2010, there were fewer vehicle crashes overall in 2010 than in 2009. This positive trend indicates that road safety measures and awareness campaigns might be having a beneficial impact on driver behavior and road conditions.

However, it’s important to address the concerning statistic that, although alcohol and drug-related crashes made up only seven percent of all crashes in the state, alcohol or drugs were a factor in 45 percent of all fatal crashes.

The majority of these fatal incidents were single-vehicle crashes, underscoring the deadly consequences of impaired driving.

Being involved in an accident is almost always a traumatic experience. The following 5 tips for Staying Safe on Arkansas Roads can help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road:

  1. Always wear seatbelts: Ensure that the driver and all passengers are wearing seatbelts at all times. Seatbelts greatly reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a crash by keeping occupants securely in place.
  2. Educate young drivers: Talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and driving. Teens and young adults are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than other demographics. Emphasize the importance of making responsible choices and the potential life-altering consequences of impaired driving.
  3. Report erratic driving: If you see a car that is driving erratically, maintain a safe distance and call the police. Reporting dangerous drivers can prevent accidents and save lives by getting impaired or reckless drivers off the road.
  4. Avoid the fast lane: Try to avoid the “fast lane.” Most accidents occur in the left lane, often due to higher speeds and frequent lane changes. Staying in the right or middle lanes can reduce your risk of being involved in a collision.
  5. Be cautious during rush hour: Be extra careful when driving during rush hour. The hours between 3 and 6 p.m. constitute the most dangerous three-hour period of the day to be behind the wheel in Arkansas. Increased traffic volume and driver fatigue can contribute to a higher likelihood of accidents.

Although the State Police Report indicates that crash rates are trending downward, it only takes one accident to ruin a life. Staying vigilant and practicing safe driving habits can significantly reduce your risk of being involved in a crash and is key to staying safe on Arkansas roads.

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