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High Voltage: A Fatal and Frightening Occupational Hazard

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A power line in Fayetteville recently caused the death of a Joplin man when his head struck high-voltage wires. The man was in a boom lift installing siding on an area apartment complex when he was struck down and rendered unconscious by the jolt. While the victim died only hours later at a nearby hospital, his two co-workers survived, complaining of numbness from the electric shocks they sustained.

The Joplin man is one of hundreds of workers who die each year due to electric injuries. Indeed nearly four percent of all occupational deaths are caused by electric current exposure. Fatalities are not the only concern for workers exposed to electrical current, as those who survive frequently suffer from severe burns, amputations, and permanent disabilities.

How can workers avoid high voltage accidents?

Any employee who is regularly exposed to environments where there are high voltage wires or electrical currents must stay informed of company policies, controls, and safety procedures. It is important for those employees to wear protective equipment and clothing whenever necessary. The company should make sure there are employees trained in current first aid practices and CPR. Perhaps most important, workers should avoid whenever possible working on energized circuits or make sure that two workers are present whenever circuits are energized.

Who is responsible for injuries and death caused by high voltage accidents?

Although workers must be diligent in taking all necessary safety precautions, their employers may be liable for the damage that results when those employees work in dangerous conditions. Proving liability, however, can be a complex process that involves thorough investigation and significant legal knowledge. Since industry giants generally have legions of lawyers fighting to avoid losses, representation by knowledgeable, tough lawyers is critical for any worker injured in an electrical accident at work.

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Those facing life after electrical accidents don’t have to go it alone. Contact an accident lawyer today who can help you put the pieces back together and start the next chapter of your life.