How Accident Reconstruction Might Help Your Case

In many car accidents, determining fault is not a clear-cut process. When liability is unclear, retaining an accident reconstruction expert might help you show who was responsible for the crash and should be liable for paying damages. This type of expert can help provide objective evidence of liability. Scroll down to learn why hiring an expert to reconstruct your accident can be helpful.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction experts are professionals who have in-depth knowledge of engineering and physics and the skills to reconstruct accidents. Reconstructing an accident involves looking at all the factors that led to a crash, including such things as the speed of both vehicles, their direction, visibility, and weather conditions. Reconstructions are important in claims in which liability is in dispute or in which several parties might share fault.

When is a reconstruction expert needed?

Reconstruction experts are not needed in every case, including some in which the insurance company tries to dispute liability. However, there are certain situations in which an expert might be necessary, including the following:

  • You have no memory of your accident or what caused it due to your injuries.
  • The involved vehicles were totaled and cannot be repaired.
  • The collision caused one or more fatalities.
  • Multiple drivers were involved.
  • Critical evidence is missing.
  • No eyewitnesses saw your accident.
  • Your collision was complex, complicating the liability determination.

How does reconstructing an accident help?

A reconstruction expert will thoroughly investigate your collision before drawing conclusions. This type of investigation might include going to the collision scene, taking photographs, reviewing the police report, taking measurements, and examining all of the vehicles that were involved in the collision. The expert might also review any surveillance video of the accident and interview witnesses before writing their report. Through the investigation, the expert may help determine the speed and direction of travel of each involved vehicle, determine whether the brakes were applied or if one vehicle accelerated just prior to the crash, and figure out the force of the collision and whether any other factors contributed to it. An expert can testify about their findings at trial, and the report they prepare might be helpful in convincing the insurance company that its insured was at fault so that it might be more likely to offer a fair settlement.

This type of expert can help the insurance company and jurors visualize the accident scene and understand exactly what occurred. A reconstruction expert’s testimony might also help to clarify conflicting testimony from eyewitnesses. For example, if two witnesses saw a collision from different angles, the expert can help the jurors understand why there might be some inconsistencies between what they saw.

Do you need a reconstruction expert for your claim?

Every personal injury claim is unique. Some accidents are straightforward, and one party will clearly be at fault. In this type of case, you likely will not need to hire a reconstruction expert. Your attorney can review your case and explain whether an expert might be needed depending on the facts and circumstances of your collision.

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