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How To Find The Right Lawyer In 3 Steps

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Getting a divorce, sustaining an injury on the job, or filing for bankruptcy can be confusing and trying, and may easily result in physical, emotional, and mental stress. It’s important, however, to seek the appropriate legal action during these times in order to protect your rights — and receive the compensation you deserve and are entitled to. Yet many people are confused as to how to find a good lawyer to help them win their case.

Divorces and bankruptcy filings are some of the most common reasons people seek legal counsel. In fact, both are becoming increasingly popular. The average first marriage in the United States typically lasts only eight years. Additionally, in California alone, bankruptcy filings have increased nearly 600% since 2006. In one month alone, in July 2013, the Bankruptcy Institute reported 87,684 bankruptcy filings. It’s also been estimated that one out of every 70 American households will file for bankruptcy at some point.

Regardless of the nature of your case or lawsuit, choosing a lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding a lawyer takes a little bit of research and time, however, the right lawyer will be able to support you, as well as help you to navigate the legal process. If you’re wondering exactly how to find a good lawyer, follow these steps in order to help you in your process of choosing an attorney that best suites your needs.

Ask around

Ask family, friends, and loved ones for their recommendations. At one time, they were also wondering how to find a good lawyer and will be able to offer you advice. Also, chances are, you may know someone who has already been in a similar situation, such as divorce, and they will be able to personally vouch for their lawyers’ abilities. You may even be able to ask your employer. Most employers offer Employee Assistance Programs, which can be used as a great resource in choosing an attorney.

Find the right kind of attorney for your case

This may seem self explanatory, however, this will help you narrow down your search. There are a large number of lawyers available, each with experience in different areas of law. Begin by searching for lawyers that have experience directly related to your case. This makes finding a lawyer that much easier. Once you have omitted lawyers that do not have relevant experience to your case, you can begin in depth research.

Do your homework

Once you have a list of attorneys with experience related to your case, you can begin researching their history and backgrounds, such as education, but more importantly track record. What kind of, and how many settlements have they been successful in winning? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Interview several attorneys before making a final decision. Also, referring to your state’s Bar website may be helpful in determining whether or not an attorney has had any disciplinary actions placed against them in past.

Though legal matters can be difficult at times, finding an attorney is the easy part! By keeping these three simple steps in mind, you’ll easily be able to find the right attorney for your needs.