Many Veterans Remain Unemployed, Thanks To Traumatic Brain Injuries

For a growing number of veterans, finding a lawyer may be a necessity thanks to crippling and traumatic injuries that leave them unable to work. Brain injuries in particular are leaving behind lasting effects. “Two to seven years after suffering their head injury, nearly 36% of veterans with traumatic brain injury were unemployed, compared with about 10% of those in the control group,” U.S. News reports of a recent study presented at the American Headache Society.

Shifting Views On Traumatic Brain Injury

More researchers and employers understand that brain injuries aren’t just short-term. Trauma to the head can negatively affect veterans — and other employees who sustain these injuries on the job — for years and years to come. Thankfully, new research also suggests that they can be treated years down the line, too. In other words, it is entirely possible for veterans and workers to take part in government programs and/or collect workers compensation with an end-game in mind. By participating in ongoing cognitive training, those who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries can improve cognitive function and — with time — better tackle day to day tasks, including work-related tasks.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are On The Rise

There are “5.3 million Americans living with TBI,” according to the Huffington Post. These numbers are significant and definitely need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. By comparison, workers compensation attorneys (AKA worker comp attorneys) and personal injury lawyers note that there are 3,007,300 work-related injuries per year. Overall — in the workplace and out — car crashes (resulting in 37,000 deaths annually) and trips, slips, and falls are the most common causes of injury in the U.S. Of course, these incidents can cause traumatic brain injury.