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The Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Arkansas

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Navigating an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation case can be very difficult, tiresome, and stressful for injured workers. Many people think they can tackle the process of a workplace injury by themselves, we often find this a foolish mistake as claimants miss out on many benefits they are owed. Does every injured employee need an attorney, short answer is no. That being said, many do.

A Workers’ Compensation attorney’s job is to ensure that you get maximum benefits owed under Arkansas Law. The benefits owed are on a case by case basis, but often Claimants do not know their rights and what they are owed. An attorney is there to evaluate your case, request and review your medical records, communicate with the insurance company and employer, and request Court intervention when necessary. Essentially, they are there to add value.

Employers and Insurance companies almost always have attorneys on retainer and so should you. The Claimant only owes an attorney’s fee if the attorney makes them money. Further, attorney’s fees more often than not are negotiated to paid by the employer or their insurance company as part of the settlement agreement.

Obtaining counsel for a Workplace Injury is easy in Arkansas. Our legal team is ready to evaluate your claim and will do so in a timely fashion. We often find we are able to make a decision on case acceptance in less than 24-hours. Our team is also able to send documents to your email for signature removing the need to come into our office.

Please reach out to the lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig L. Cook to assist you with your Workers’ Compensation case.