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We Work for Working People

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Hello, my name is Craig L. Cook, I am the owner and head attorney for the Law Offices of Craig L. Cook. I wanted to take the time to share with you a raw glimpse of just what our Law firm is all about. Many questions I get, as well as my wonderful and supportive staff is, “what is your jurisdiction? Where do you practice? Are you familiar with my area?”. Rest assured, I am a born and raised sweet tea drinking, biscuit loving, cattle raising son of Arkansas who is proud to work and serve in my home state as well as the State of Oklahoma. My fellow attorneys, Brinkley Cook-Campbell. Jarid Kinder, and Scot Allison are also good ol’ small town boys from this wonderful natural state who are ready and willing to assist their fellow neighbor.

Don’t let our motto fool you, The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook does truly “Work for working people ” but we also work for our fellow Arkansan and Oklahoma Okie. Our dedication to our fellow neighbors is what we strive for. When you hire The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook, that is exactly what you get…a friendly neighbor, one you feel you have known your whole life. From the hills of the Ozark Mountains (Franklin County, Pope County, Logan County), to calling the Hogs in the great backyard of the Woo-Pig Sooie Razorbacks (Washington County, Benton County, Madison County, and Newton County), to  hearing the drums beat in the Great Planes of Sequoyah County, Leflore County, and Haskell County and even the bustling metropolitan of Tulsa County and Oklahoma County of Oklahoma, to jumping back over the river to tip our hats to the Judge Parker territory of the Arkansas River Valley (Crawford County, Sebastian County, and Scott County) . We are here for you and just a phone call away.

Our attorneys being licensed in the entire state of Arkansas and Oklahoma, make so we try to serve our neighbors as far out as we can travel. Note we are fair and give our clients fair warning if a location may be far, but we are always more than willing to help our fellow neighbor any way we possibly can. As we say We Work for Working People.

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