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Third Parties Liable in Some Workplace Accidents

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A recent explosion at a Russellville nuclear power plant resulted in the death of one employee and left eight others injured. The accident occurred when part of a generator fell from a crane as workers were moving it. The explosion did not cause a radiation leak or pose a public health risk, officials said. Nevertheless, the victims and their families may have a long recovery road ahead.

It is not uncommon for workers to suffer injuries while on the job. Workers compensation, a benefit program that provide assistance for injured workers while they recover. In some instances, however, the benefits do not adequately counterbalance the hours of missed work, mounting hospital bills and other damages.

Sometimes another entity other than the employer can be held responsible for workplace accidents that cause injuries to workers. In these cases, workers may be entitled to damages beyond workers compensation. Incidents in which another party outside of your employer could be held accountable for your work-related injuries include:

  • When industrial machinery or safety equipment is faulty, the manufacturer could be liable
  • Auto accidents on the job
  • Everyday construction site accidents, including injuries from debris or falls from ladders and scaffolding

Survivor benefits also available to dependents

In cases where workers lose their lives as a result of an accident on the job, their survivors may be entitled to benefits from workers compensation, Social Security and third parties. The main goal is to provide compensation for dependent family members who, in addition to losing their loved one, also lost financial support.

Under Arkansas law, benefits are calculated based on a percentage of the deceased worker’s income and is subject to a cap. The family may claim a burial allowance or funeral expenses.

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Preserve your rights under workers compensation and consult with an experienced Arkansas attorney.