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Note: Marie’s story is a fictional scenario presented to illustrate how an appointed Guardian can help protect vulnerable adults. Introduction In this article, we will define Guardianship and outline the key differences between the two kinds: Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate. We will also discuss how each is relevant to protecting … Read more

Note: The following is a fictional scenario created for illustrative purposes to help our readers in Oklahoma and Arkansas understand the process of proving nursing home negligence. Introduction When we entrust nursing homes with the care of our loved ones, we expect them to provide a safe, nurturing environment. Unfortunately, the reality can sometimes be … Read more

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Jarid M. Kinder has devoted his career to helping Arkansans navigate the complex waters of civil litigation. Limiting his practice exclusively assisting individuals and not insurance companies, Jarid has the dedication and understanding necessary to bring his clients top results. When Jarid is not working for his clients, you will find him cheering on the … Read more

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The founder of our firm, Craig L. Cook, is an experienced lawyer who focuses primarily on personal injury law. He believes in a compassionate, steady approach to these issues, emphasizing the importance of the client-lawyer relationship and the client’s comfort with the attorney’s services. His belief is that if you work hard, you are sure … Read more