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Note: Jake and Cecilia’s stories are fictional scenarios presented to help illustrate the difference between a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury case. Introduction Workers’ compensation and personal injury cases have something in common. They both provide reparations for injuries. There are, however, some key differences. These include the cause of the injury, legal … Read more

Note: The following is a fictional scenario created for illustrative purposes to help our readers in Oklahoma and Arkansas understand the process of proving medical malpractice. Introduction Seeking medical treatment involves placing significant trust in healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose conditions, prescribe appropriate medications, and conduct surgeries with precision.  Yet, when this trust is breached … Read more

Note: The following is a fictional scenario created for illustrative purposes to help our readers in Oklahoma and Arkansas understand when to sue for personal injury. Introduction In the aftermath of an accident, victims often find themselves navigating a whirlwind of physical pain, emotional distress, and financial uncertainty. Personal injury cases serve as a beacon … Read more

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Scot Allison is a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law. In 2013, he began his legal career working as a Deputy Public Defender for Washington County, where he represented clients who were accused of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. In 2018, he took an attorney position at Legal Aid of Arkansas, where … Read more

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Jarid M. Kinder has devoted his career to helping Arkansans navigate the complex waters of civil litigation. Limiting his practice exclusively assisting individuals and not insurance companies, Jarid has the dedication and understanding necessary to bring his clients top results. When Jarid is not working for his clients, you will find him cheering on the … Read more

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The founder of our firm, Craig L. Cook, is an experienced lawyer who focuses primarily on personal injury law. He believes in a compassionate, steady approach to these issues, emphasizing the importance of the client-lawyer relationship and the client’s comfort with the attorney’s services. His belief is that if you work hard, you are sure … Read more

After a car crash in Oklahoma or Arkansas caused by the negligence of someone else, you will need to have evidence to prove your claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This includes evidence that the accident occurred and that the damage to your car and your injuries were caused by it. You will also … Read more

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, you might not be sure whether you’ve been injured. While some car accidents are relatively minor and only result in property damage, car accident injuries are relatively common. Each year in the U.S., an average of six million car accidents occur, resulting in three million people suffering injuries. However, … Read more

In many car accidents, determining fault is not a clear-cut process. When liability is unclear, retaining an accident reconstruction expert might help you show who was responsible for the crash and should be liable for paying damages. This type of expert can help provide objective evidence of liability. Scroll down to learn why hiring an … Read more